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Palm Beach Shoreline Project

Palm Beach, or better known as ‘Palmy’ to the locals, is one of the most vulnerable Gold Coast beaches to the threat of coastal erosion. After years of investigating an appropriate solution, the City has developed the Palm Beach Shoreline Project, a two phase plan to provide ongoing coastal protection of the beach and beachfront infrastructure. Phase 1 consisted of beach nourishment. This was completed in September 2017.


For phase 2, the City will be constructing an artificial reef from May to October 2019. The artificial reef will be positioned approximately 270 metres offshore from Nineteenth Avenue in Palm Beach between the beach and the existing natural reef and will be constructed out of rock boulders. This innovative underwater structure is required to enhance the ability of Palm Beach to withstand the threat of coastal erosion.


The artificial reef will work by influencing the surrounding currents and waves to act in a way that creates a build-up of sand around the structure. And for all you surfers out there, never fear, surf amenity has been considered in the design process – thanks to the requirements in the City’s Surf Management Plan.

Much research has gone into the design of the artificial reef including computer modelling, wave tank testing and real-life coastal data capture including wave data, aerial photography and analysis of over 50 years survey data to see how the beach behaves not just above the water line, but underneath the water too!

Check out our video below for more facts about the Palm Beach Shoreline Project.


What’s the latest… January 2019 update

We’ve awarded the contract to build the artificial reef to a joint venture between Hall Contracting Pty Ltd and Heron Construction Company Ltd (or together known as HC²). HC² have started construction planning and quarrying of the rocks to be used for the reef, which will be built from May 2019.

Further information

For more information on this project, please go to the City of Gold Coast website.

If you have any further queries about the project, please email