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Narrowneck Reef Renewal

Narrowneck beach has a long history of erosion issues during storms. In 1999, an artificial reef was built to protect this vulnerable, exposed and narrow stretch of the coast. The artificial reef works by influencing surrounding currents and waves to act in a way that creates a build-up of sand around the reef.

The artificial reef was originally constructed out of approximately 400 mega geotextile container sandbags, and like any type of infrastructure, needs a little upkeep now and then. This is why the City is undertaking the Narrowneck Reef Renewal project.

The project, which has been running since September 2017, involves ‘topping up’ the artificial reef with approximately 80 new mega sand containers so the reef can continue to protect our amazing Narrowneck Beach into the future.

To top up the artificial reef, the containers are dropped out of a split hopper barge called the Faucon. Check out the clip below of a sand container being placed.

Video footage courtesy International Coastal Management (ICM)


And for all you surfers out there, surf amenity has been considered in the Narrowneck Reef renewal design process – thanks to the requirements in the City’s Surf Management Plan.


What’s the latest…

The Narrowneck Reef Renewal works were completed 17 June 2018. The Faucon topped up the artificial reef with a total of 84 additional mega geotextile sandbags. The completion of these works will help ensure the artificial reef continues to protect this beautiful stretch of coast.


Further information

For more information on this project, please go to City of Gold Coast website.

If you have any further queries about the project please email